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In every town there are locations hidden for the rest of the world. Those places are hiding the their amazing history and stories behind barbwire, locked doors and signs saying your not allowed to go there. 

This website will take you behind the locked doors to uncover the secrets of the old buildings that are now lost and forgotten. The main focus of this website will be all places that are interesting and locked and forgotten. So you will find here some information about coal mines, giant subway tunnels, swimming pools, iconic landmarks, bunkers and so on. The main goals is to pull back to curtain and give people a fascinating and unseen view of Europe.

As a former urban explorer Pel Laurens has the hands on experience in visiting those tunnels, climbing bridges, exploring the bowels of factories, forgotten leisure and private homes. Most of the places on this website have been visited by me. But of course I will also add information about sites I haven’t been.

Warning: Please note that urban exploration, infiltration or even guided tours can be hazardous to your health. Please do never visit sites on this website on your own. If you do decide to visit a location noted on this site please make sure you have good gear, that people know where your are and that you know what you are doing.