About me

An about me page, I think this is the most difficult page you will have on a website. I don’t like to write about myself, but here goes nothing. I’m Pel Laurens, living in The Netherlands. Like this website is showing I like photography, and used to do a lot of Urbex Photography.

As you might have noticed this website isn’t only photography, I have visited a lot more locations then placed on this website. Besides visiting the location I love to read up the history of a location. When we visit an location you can really feel the vibe of what was going on there before. Its strange to explain, I guess you just need to feel it yourself.

As said above I used to do a lot of Urban Exploration, in 2010 this changed. I got involved in an accident on the road and busted my knee. Now almost 5 years later I still have issues with my knee, so this prevents me from climbing over fences, or running away when somebody sees you. My hobby didn’t really change by the accident. I still love the history of location, and I still love photography. The only thing that did change is the way I do it, at this moment I don’t do it the “Urban Explorers” way, I don’t climb fences anymore. But when I get an option to visit a site legally, either by free roaming the site or by guided tour I will take it.

The photographs on this site are the ones I like, most are made by myself (Pel Laurens) are are non-attributed. Other pictures you might see here are used with permission of the photographer and will show their names. I’m not a professional photographer, In my proffesional live I’m a IT professional. This means that not every photo will be perfect, and sure I can still learn a lot. But all photo’s are will give you an feeling about the location. And it will show my learning-curve 😉

I hope that you like what you see, and if you want to contact me feel free to do so by mail, or leave a comment on one of my articles.

Pictures of me:

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