Domein Hofstade – Bloso

Domein Hofstade

Domein Hofstade at the Bloso-centrum Hofstade is a recreational park that offers basketball courts, a lake, cycling paths, a soccer field, swimming at the lake with a beach, a playground and more. The lakes are man made and the cause of railroads being put in and when not completed they were filled with water. The 1920’s came Domein Hofstade was a popular place for recreation though it had no amenities. King Albert had a portion created into a place for sports and recreation in 1933, but this got delayed by the World War. Into the 1980’s the recreational park underwent changes including an elevated boardwalk, a beach building, food and drink venues, 200 changing rooms, a swimming pool and a boathouse. Bloso gained ownership of the 160 acre park in 1983.

In 1990, the large swimming pool and connected cafeteria building was closed for not complying with hygiene standards. At one time it seems it was scheduled for demolition in 2007, but it still stands like it used to be. Currently people are trying to mark Domein Hofstade as Belgium Heritage.

Images of Domein Hofstade

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Location of Domein Hofstade

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