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Enka is a well known Urbex location in Ede, The Netherlands. The location is at this moment completely demolished and they are building homes on the ground. Some of the homes will be located in parts of the original Enka building.

The Enka factory opened his doors in 1922. The main purpose of the factory was creating synthetic fibers, times where booming at this moment and the factory was growing at a fast speed. In 1929 the factory merged with the German factory Vereinigte Glanzstoff Frabriken, now better known as Algemene Kunstzijde Unie (AKU). With this merger the company was not longer named Enka, and the name only stayed as a line of products.

With the start of 1970 the company started to get problems with the East-European companies that did the same work but for much cheaper. In 1982 the problems where so big that the end of the company was getting close. In 2002 the factory closed its doors and stayed abandoned for 6 years.

In 2008 the ground was bought by investors. Not long after that they started with demolishing the factory to make room for a residential area. Since some parts of the factory are of heritage value not everything will be demolished, some parts will be saved and turned in to apartments.


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