Hotel Kosmos

Hotel Kosmos

Hotel Kosmos is an location near the French border in Belgium. The hotel has around 70.543 square meters of ground. The ground around Hotel Kosmos contains a soccer field, swimming-pool, party-center and two smaller hotels.  The hotel was build in 1934 as a very small hotel for the local teenagers.

In the year 1965 Hotel Kosmos was renovated, and a restaurant was added to the building, in 1992 there was a little extension of the space of the main hotel. In the year 2004 Hotel Kosmos was marked as Belgium heritage. This caused problems for the owners since this status blocked new renovations.

Locally Hotel Kosmos was best known for its swimming-pool. This swimming-pool was located on a hill. The swimming-pool had 3 floors, slides and a own pub. The pool was the biggest in the neighborhood and this made it very busy. The hill made sure the pool had a perfect location, but it also caused the closure for Hotel Kosmos. In 2002 the license for the swimming-pool was aborted. The reason for this was the fact that the emergency services couldn’t reach the pool in time in case of an accident.

The closure of the swimming-pool had a huge impact on the visitor count. Visitors stayed away and bills started to pill up. In 2005 Hotel Kosmos closed his doors, this resulted in lots of theft and vandalism. This blocked the owners of Hotel Kosmos of making money by selling parts of the hotel. This resulted in a debt of 3.600.000 euros in 2008. In 2010 the hotel is bought by the local government. The current plan is to demolish everything except the main building, but I have no record about the current state.

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