The Eylenbosch Brewery

Eylenbosch (11)

The Eylenbosch brewery used to be very well known by many beer lovers. The brewery made beers like the lambic beer Gueuze in the village Schepdaal.  There where also pretty famous for the Kriek beers like the Supergueuze.

The Supergueuze, or affectionately known as “Superglue”, is a very full and smooth Lambic beer with an three years conditioning prior to bottling. We found some of these old bottles on the attic, they were covered in dust.

The brewery is abandoned in 1990. It was used in 2005 for the making of a movie. A very special movie, because you can only watch it in the brewery sitting in the room where the movie was filmed. Later the brewery was cleaned and used as an airsoft location. In 2012 a player died after falling through a floor, after that incident the place was closed down by the police. The current planning for the Eylenbosch brewery is that it will be reused for lofts.

During our visit in 2009 we triggered a lot of attention of the local police force during our photo-shoot on the roof.  We didn’t get caught. But if we where 5 minutes longer in the building I’m sure we would have been caught.

Pictures of the Eylenbosch brewery

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Location of the Eylenbosch brewery


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